Panera Bread’s menu offerings for those focused on healthy choices

bestantiagingtreatmentsPanera Bread’s offers a wide range of healthy meal options from kids, vegetarians and vegans, as well as low-calorie, low-sugar, options. Here are a number of choices that will satisfy all types.

For kids – Kids’ all-natural turkey chili with kids’ classic salad and squeezable yogurt- This option contains 8g of fibre, 11g of protein and when it is paired with a salad it can really help your kids get the nutrition they need to face the day. Add the squeezable yogurt and you have a healthy dessert that is packed with calcium.

For vegetarians – Tomato mozzarella flatbread and classic salad – Most vegetarians will eat cheese to boost their protein intake and to feel satisfied. This salad is satisfying and has only 460mg of sodium.

For vegans – Modern Greek salad with quinoa but without feta – Vegans can struggle to find meal options that are nutrient rich. This salad is a great choice, as it includes kale, romaine, kalamata olives and heart-healthy almonds which are all tossed with Greek dressing.

For calorie-counters – Seasonal salad with chicken (half) and low-fat vegetarian garden vegetable soup with pesto (1 cup) – The non creamy soup and the salad, give a low calorie dieter volume, which will help to keep them full.

For the sugar-sensitive – Roasted turkey and avocado BLT on sourdough (half) and Caesar salad (half) – This entire meal has only 2g of sugar, which is just half a teaspoon worth.