3 simple steps for mindful eating

Article written by Health and fitness centre

bestantiagingtreatments july 2016Making mindfulness part of your daily life can be life changing. It can make you more able to positively react to any situation, both positive and negative. Being mindful when eating is known to improve the taste of your food, help to stop overeating and in the long run promote weight loss. Here are 3 simple steps for mindful eating.

Practice slowing down – If you are a fast eater, who makes spontaneous food decisions often, practice by slowing your pace for a day. Firstly, ensure that your meal times are consumed at a table and that you are comfortable. Secondly, try concentrating on taking the time, be it 15 minutes, on your meal alone. Remember to put your fork down between bites and try your best not to rush meal times.

Take smaller bites and sips – To take smaller bites, start by cutting your food in smaller pieces. For items that are already small, like nuts and popcorn, try eating one piece at a time.

Eat without distractions – It is impossible to concentrate on 2 or more things at one time. This applies to mealtimes as well. Step away from your computer, TV, phone or books and pay attention to your food. Try savouring each bite and enjoy the flavors, textures, and aromas of the food you are eating. Stay committed to eliminating distractions at meal times to ensure you give your full concentration to your meal.