Fighting Gum Disease Everyday With These Tips

fighting-gum-diseaseGum disease is a horrible condition that people should try their best not to get. Taking preventive measures can always save a person from a trip to the Glendora dentist for specialized treatment. The following are four simple tips that can help a person to prevent gum disease and fight it if he or she already has a case of it:

  1. Use a Dental Scraper

A dental scraper is an inexpensive tool that can save a person a lot of pain and discomfort, according to Ecco Dental. The person can take five minutes out of the day to gently scrape away plaque that develops on the surface of the teeth where they meet the gums. Dental scrapers and mirrors cost less than $5.

  1. Use a High-Grade Mouthwash

A Glendora holistic dental specialist may recommend using a high-grade mouthwash to fight gingivitis. Biotene is an example of a mouthwash that has special properties that can combat gingivitis. Listerine is an antiseptic mouthwash that can work, as well, but it may cause dry mouth symptoms.

  1. Hydrate the Body

Drinking eight glasses of water per day will keep the salivary glands active, which will kill bacteria. Gatorade is an excellent substitute.

  1. Floss After All Meals

Finally, flossing after meals gets those pesky particles out of the teeth. The two minutes that one takes to floss can be a lifesaver for dental health.

Those tips should work to combat gingivitis. They are not a substitute for visiting a Covina dental office at least twice a year, however.

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