Mistakes in the AM that slow your metabolism

bestantiagingtreatmentsMetabolism is the rate of burning sugar which releases energy. If your metabolism is slow, you will burn less calories and therefore hold more weight. Some say that your rate of metabolism is genetic and is also affected by your current weight and age. Although this is true, there are ways to increase your metabolism, which may have slowed down due to bad lifestyle choices.

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Eating late – Breakfast is a great way to fire-up your metabolism. If you are skipping breakfast and moving on straight to lunch, your metabolism rate is probably slower during the day. This is because your body thinks it has to conserve your calories, since your body does not know when your next meal will be. If you eat within an hour and half of waking, you will start the process of turning your food into energy. For a healthy breakfast choose eggs with vegetables or a slow carb cereal like oats with nuts and berries

Not exercising – Exercising in the morning will help you get your workout done before the end of the day. It will also rev up your metabolism, to start burning calories. A short 30 min run is a great way to get a calorie burn without having to spend hours at the gym. If running is not an option, because you cannot go outside or don’t have a treadmill handy, choose a high intensity interval training workout. You can find many online videos on youtube or download an app.