Slimming strategies to reduce bloat.


Are you looking for that flat tummy? All those ab crunches, just not hitting the mark? here are a few strategies that will really get you that flat tummy you’ve been waiting for.

Eat small and often – If you eat small meals often, your digestive system would not be taxed and would therefore be able to digest your food efficiently. This would mean that you will experience less gas, which will make your tummy appear smaller.

Balance your gut – Include a few servings of good bacteria during the week. The good kind of bacteria will reduce the bad bacteria in your gut. This in turn will reduce tummy bloat. Food like sauerkraut, kimchi and probiotic yogurt are great choices. Make sure you buy products that include “live bacteria” on the label. If you decide to make your own, there are many kits in the market that will help you get started.

Potassium food – Potassium rich foods like bananas, beet and orange juice tend to reduce the water retention properties of excess sodium. To maximize the potassium effect, further reduce your sodium intake.

Drink less alcohol – Make sure you don’t drink on an empty stomach. When drinking alcohol, go for spritzers with lower calories and avoid the sugary cocktails.

Reduce stress – Stress, be it work or family should be reduced. This is because stress causes havoc with your digestive health. Reduce stress by including a daily run/walk or yoga session.

Stop chewing gum – Although gum does suppress your hunger and freshen your breath, it often makes you swallow excess air, that leads to bloating.