How to Keep Your Hands From Looking Old

Article written by Çéllan

You may be working out at the gym to keep in shape and spending hundreds on wrinkle cream for your face, but you hands will not hide your age unless you are taking care of them as well.  Luckily, there are some things you can do to turn back the aging process on your hands from at home treatments to professional treatments.


There are several products on the market which are specially formulated to make your hands look so much younger.  Hand creams have come a long ways in recent years because the newer creams contain growth factors which are mainly derived from plants.  It is recommended that women use these hand creams each starting at the age of 40.  Some examples of these creams with growth factors include NeoCutis Bio-restorative Skin Cream as well as SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex.


Imagine your hands being pampered in a warm paraffin wax hand bath.  With inexpensive, portable units that can be used at home, you no longer have to go to the salon for this treatment.  You now have the ability to provide a daily dip for your hands that will take care of the driest cracked skin.


Wax paraffin is more effective than the hand creams.  The wax gives you more of a protection than you will get with the hand creams.  HoMedics is one company that offers you affordable home paraffin wax kits.  Therabath has wax in wonderful scents including lemon, vanilla cupcake and rose petal.  Artemis Woman specializes in wax that is infused with shea butter.

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