How CBD oil might be the secret to clear skin

Article by Express CBD Store.

In the health world, there has been much buzz surrounding cannabidiol, or CBD, and its perceived benefits. It might not get you high like marijuana, but what else does it offer to everyday people?

CBD’s properties have been discussed at length, but one of the most practical ways these come into play is through preventing acne. Many people struggle with finding the right skincare routine to keep their faces clean and beautiful. If that sounds like you, you might want to consider applying CBD oil to your skin and seeing if it clears up.

One study showed that CBD has potential as an effective acne treatment, as it stopped the body from secreting too much sebum, an oily substance meant to moisturize, lubricate, and protect the skin. An excess amount of sebum can clog up the pores, causing acne to form. The study also highlighted CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, which could help mitigate the effects of inflammatory acne, which looks worse and tends to leave marks.

CBD can be applied through multiple lotions, creams, and salves. It can also be applied directly to the skin, if you have a bottle of CBD oil. Since the CBD is being absorbed into the skin, users won’t have to worry about the digestive side effects users who take CBD orally might have to deal with. However, users should make sure they are not allergic to CBD at first. Using CBD oil could lead to an allergic reaction, which will no doubt be an unwanted setback in the quest for perfect skin.

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