7 Everyday things that can be anxiety triggers

bestantiagingtreatmentsMental illness is an invisible health condition and therefore is often misdiagnosed or misunderstood. This is mainly because something that may stress one person may not affect another and may just be a normal everyday part of their lives.  Here are some triggers that may cause anxiety for some people.

When someone is looking at you. – Some people may feel uncomfortable when they have to talk to someone or have to conduct work activities when another is looking directly at them.

Speaking to others in-person – People may feel stressed out if they have to talk to many people in a public setting.

Getting a haircut – Most often people may feel worried about how they may look after or where they should look when their hair is being done.

Doing any task you claim to be really good at in front of someone else – People can be afraid that they will not be able to hold the standards that were previously promised by them.

Being with people after a weekend spent alone – After spending a lot of time alone, some people may feel that they are hesitant to communicate in a group environment.

Waiting for someone to respond to a message – Once someone has sent an email/ text or message they may wait for people to respond and feel anxious until a response is received.

Being on time – People who are always punctual may feel anxious if they are stuck in traffic or are running late for an appointment.