4 Top Anti-Aging Foods

It’s been a long known fact that food can contribute to longevity especially if they are packed with antioxidants – a nutrient that has been found to have powerful anti-aging properties.

Without a doubt, these foods should be added to your daily diet if you want to benefit from them, both internally and externally.

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That said, here are the top 4 anti-aging foods that can benefit you greatly:

#1: Leafy greens and cruciferous veggies

A number of experts usually sing the praises of leafy green vegetables and this is for a good reason too. These veggies contain calcium, folate among other nutrients that prevent age related eye problems, cancer and cognitive decline. Most importantly, these veggies have powerful anti-cancer properties.

#2: Apricots

Apricots contains the highest amount of carotenoids which helps when it comes to anti-aging. Not only will you be protected from cancer, high cholesterol levels and heart disease, you could also benefit from having healthy skin, hair, gums, glands and eyes. They also helping in quenching one’s thirst while also regenerating body fluids.

#3: Olive Oil

Given that olive oil is an integral part of an Italian’s diet, and its anti-aging properties, they are known for both aging gracefully but also living long and healthy lives. The most important nutrient that is obtained from olive oil is omega-3 fatty acids which will ensure you stay lean but also heart-healthy as well. Also, these fats improve skin circulation and digestion too.

#4: Tomatoes

The first benefit of eating tomatoes is the how it protects your skin. In a study conducted by German researchers, volunteers who consumed tomato paste along with olive oil for about 10 weeks has 40 percent less sunburn. The nutrient that offers this benefit is lycopene which is absorbed by the skin better when mixed with olive oil.

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