4 DIY Anti-Aging Treatments

Before you think about purchasing any anti-aging products from your local drugstore, it’s better to look at items located in your refrigerator.

When you use simple ingredients such as fruit, nuts and even dairy, this can help you to create anti-aging remedies that are far more effective than the commercial ones.

That said, here are 4 DIY anti-aging beauty treatments:

#1: Cucumber Aloe Cold Cream

It’s a given that skin gets drier and duller as you age. However, this cream made from yogurt, fresh lemon, cucumber and aloe vera works effectively to hydrate your skin and which will make your skin look radiant as ever. Apply and leave the cream prepared for 30 minutes.

#2: Rice Milk Cleanser

While rice is used in Japanese skin care to exfoliate but also smooth skin, a mixture of rice milk and brown rice flour tends to be far more effective. Mix these two ingredients and apply to skin in a slow and circular motion. The benefits are the nutrients of Vitamin A and Vitamin E along with calcium too.

#3: Blueberry Granola Exfoliating Mask

Blueberries and raw almonds offer essential fatty acids and Vitamin E while whole oats offer anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, fresh milk and honey will clean and brighten your skin. Blend the ingredients and apply to skin for 20 minutes in slow circular motion.

#4: Blackberry Walnut Scrub

With blackberries rich in Vitamin A, C and E and with walnuts offering additional Vitamin E, this makes for a lovely exfoliant that can slow down aging. Blend the walnuts and blackberries and add a little water. Apply to skin and rub slowly in a circular motion. Rinse with water.

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