3 Natural Anti-Aging Treatments That Work

Younger skin is what most people are after and which is why anti-aging remedies are popular these days.

Yet with a slew of them around, the question is whether they work or not. So, here are 3 anti-aging remedies that will work:

#1: Ayurvedic Medicine

This traditional system of Indian healing which employs techniques such as botanical medicine, breathing exercises and diet changes based on a patient’s body type. While Ayurvedic medicine does seem to align itself to common skin ailments, experts suggest that treating your skin with turmeric and ginger is advantageous but one should take their time to changing their beauty regimen according to their ‘dosha’.

#2: Skin Needling

This procedure involves creating temporary pricks in your skin which in turn triggers a healing response which ultimately results in a smoother complexion. While this does work, experts believe that a dermatologist can make this procedure far more effectively but this can only be tried before using a retinol-based product. The Rodan + Fields AMP MD System which costs about $200 is the perfect purchase if you want to try this anti-aging method.

#3: Alkaline Diet

A number of studies have shown that increasing acidity levels in the body can be damaging and so an effective way by which one can slow down skin aging is by eating alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables. While maintaining this kind of diet won’t clear wrinkles, it does improve overall health and this can be beneficial to your skin in the long run. Of course, some experts have noticed fewer lines and hydrated skin in a matter of week when their patients have tried this diet.

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