3 Anti-Aging Breakthroughs

People have always been in pursuit of the elixir of youth for centuries now. And even if it remains out of reach in recent years, there are still a number of beauty products that have been considered to be breakthroughs, in terms of anti-aging care.


So, here are 3 of these anti-aging breakthroughs:


#1: New Wrinkle Injections

With four new wrinkle injections released only recently, the new substances used to fill wrinkles have made it possible to omit the need for surgery in order to get that youthful look you’ve always wanted. But that’s not all: you also experience an increase in collagen production too while preventing the breakdown of collagen. One doesn’t have to worry about safety as there only mild side effects such as temporary redness and swelling at the site of the injection.


#2: Antioxidants

The discovery of antioxidants and their ability to neutralize free radicals before they harm skin has become another popular product these days. Thanks to their ability to protect and rejuvenate skin as well, a number of products have been released with the coffee berry being considered as the most potent of them all. In fact, experts are so impressed that they say that the coffee berry will become an integral cosmoceutical ingredient over time.


#3: Peptides

Not only do these small proteins stimulate the production of collagen but also create a mild Botox-like effect which will prevent your skin from forming wrinkles. With new formulations being able to prevent the breakdown of collagen as well as improving the stability of these peptides, these peptide-based products will get only better over time.

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