Health benefits of seat cushions

Seat cushions help you sit comfortably while reducing pressure on key areas like your neck, buttocks, hips, and thighs. A good sitting stance can have an impact on posture, compression, circulation, and digestion.

Here are some areas that will be affected by incorrect seat cushions.

Posture – Foam seat cushions in the right density can help your body maintain a natural posture. A proper sitting posture can reduce chronic pain while improving energy and focus.

Less compression – An incorrect seat can compress your hips and tailbone causing pain or injury to your spine and joints. A good quality foam seat cushion can redistribute your weight and reduce joint friction.

Blood flow – When you sit, there are areas of your body such as your pelvis, legs, and back that have restricted blood flow. When your circulation is restricted further due to improper cushioning you may feel lethargic or notice joint pain.

Digestion – Sitting in an uncomfortable chair can cause poor digestion, constipation, and heartburn as being seated incorrectly restricts blood to these areas.

Comfort – For those who need to be seated for long periods, feeling comfortable is essential as it will help to reduce both mental and physical stress.

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