Where are Ibogaine Clinics Located?

Ibogaine is a legally obtainable treatment from the Beond Ibogaine clinic in Mexico many countries around the world have prohibited the use of this alternative treatment. Ibogaine is manufactured from the root bark of the Iboga shrub in West Africa. It is a hallucinogenic and the treatment is noted as a psychedelic therapy. The FDA in the United States has not approved this treatment.

Ibogaine for opiate addiction is available from a treatment center in South Africa it follows a therapeutic program and is regulated by the industry of alternative practices. Ibogaine therapy is offered across the world and at Beond Ibogaine clinics in Mexico patients can have the opportunity of dealing with their opiate addiction as this medication provides the body with a reset and is non-addictive.

In Brazil it is possible to be admitted into one of the clinics that practice Alternative therapies for depression they are registered and legally permitted to use Ibogaine for the treatment of depression, OCD, and PTSD. Using Ibogaine to treat eating disorders has been very successful and many more people are finding relief from this alternative therapy.

There are no restrictions placed on the use of Ibogaine as a medical option for treating many behavioral conditions and substance abuse. Ibogaine can stop the habits and reset the brain. Ibogaine is not habit forming and is available in the Netherlands and can be obtained on prescription in New Zealand to help assist with drug addiction. The psychological properties of Ibogaine are that it can offer the patient a change and a new beginning.

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