How Foam Seat Cushions Improve Your Longevity

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

There are a multitude of health issues all of us want to avoid when we get older. We aim to avoid health problems such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, and digestive issues. Many of us look for ways to boost our health and immune systems such as supplements and exercise programs. However, our jobs still force us to stay in unhealthy positions for hours at a time.

If you work in the office, the chances are high that you’ll be sitting for hours during the workday. The bad news is that prolonged sitting discourages good posture and increases the risk of digestive and circulatory issues. In the worst cases, it may even contribute to obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, and even cancer. One of the biggest reasons why sitting affects us negatively is because it compresses our lower bodies, exerting pressure on our lower abdomen, hips, and tailbone.

Regular standing or walking breaks when working at a desk, as well as custom foam chair cushions, can ease this unhealthy pressure. A foam cushion reduces the pressure on your lower body, distributes your weight more evenly, and encourages better posture. It will also relieve aches and pains and make sitting much more comfortable.

If you need a new foam cushion or cushion filling for an existing chair cushion, be sure to browse through The Foam Factory’s selection of high-quality foam products. You can also contact them to make a custom cushion for you with a unique shape and measurements. You can reach them at 586-627-3626 or by email at