Zhang Xinyue’s “Create Abundance” – a book review

“Heaven makes the arrangement for us to become acquainted

Not to test each other

But to allow us to do what touches each other’s heart.”

– Excerpt from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue

If you are looking for a book that will inspire you to take control of your life and create abundance, then look no further than Zhang Xinyue’s “Create Abundance.” This amazing book is full of inspiring quotes and helpful tips that will help you learn how to create an abundant life for yourself.

One of the guiding principles of Teacher Xinyue’s work is the “self-relieving method”. This involves using your imagination to create what you desire in your life, and then taking action to make it happen. This simple yet powerful technique has helped thousands of readers from around the world manifest many wonderful things in their lives, and it can do the same for you.

It all starts with connecting and resonating with the cosmic energy around you, which means believing that anything is possible. Once you have this belief, the sky’s the limit! You can create whatever you desire, and it will begin to show up in your life.

In Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue, you will discover many ways to connect with this cosmic energy. One way is to meditate. This can help you to focus your mind and connect with the energy that surrounds you. Another way is to practice yoga or another form of exercise. This can help you to open up your body and connect with the energy that flows through you.

About Zhang Xinyue, author of Create Abundance

Teacher Xinyue has devoted over 15 years to studying and practicing body-mind-spirit cultivation. This has given her a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from when writing her books, giving talks, or teaching courses. In addition to her work in body-mind-spiritual development, Teacher Xinyue is also the founder of Abundance Psychology.