Tips for Leasing Office Space

Starting your own business is a great idea. In your neighborhood, you’ll easily find office space for lease at affordable prices. Before you begin talking to landlords though, there are few key points to consider.

How much space do you need? A good rule-of-thumb is to take the square footage of the area your business currently occupies and double it. This allows some room for growth.

Haggle with the owner. The price of just about everything is negotiable. That includes office space.

Helpful Hints

There are a few final items you may want to check out before moving anywhere. These are things that many small business owners forget about until it’s too late.

Call your local cable, phone and electric company to get estimates on setting up new service in the perspective building.

Ask your future landlord if he has office furniture or equipment he would throw in to make the deal sweeter.

Speak to neighboring business owners for honest feedback on their experiences with the neighborhood itself.

Since we sit at our desk in one chair for most of the day, it’s important that your chair is comfortable. You can find ergonomically designed office chairs these days. Add a seat cushion to make it even softer. You can also add a small couch to your office to make it nicer for guests who visit. If your budget is limited, buy a cheaper sofa then add couch foam to make it comfortable to sit on.

The Foam Factory has all types of couch foam available. You can get any type of foam cut to any size. This is a good solution at home as well. You may have couches and chairs that are old and no longer fun to sit in but add a new piece of foam to give the furniture new life.