Three Easy Tips to Help Avoid Exercise Burnout

You know that feeling of the exercise burnout. You become overwhelmed with dread just thinking about moving…from the couch! Fortunately, there are some easy tips out there to keep you from falling into that rut.

All masters including Nick Di Ruscio follow this number one tip. Always mix up your workouts! Not only will this keep you from boredom, but it will help your body from adjusting to a daily routine. Go run on a hiking trail instead of the treadmill at the gym! This will greatly lower the percentage of you experiencing a plateau in muscle building or weight loss.

Secondly, make sure you get your rest. Always have at least two days a week where you allow your body to repair the damages. This is an important aid in muscle building. Same way with nightly sleep. Staying up all night can lead to fatigue, and allow you to skip out on your next workout. You can’t have an effective workout while exhausted.

Lastly, make yourself accountable. Get some friends or coworkers together for a group challenge. This is a fun way to push yourself. Who doesn’t want to win and show off? Besides the challenge, this is a great way to announce your lifestyle. People will look towards you for inspiration. This helps keep you from letting yourself down and experiencing a burnout.

Stick to these simple tips, and don’t worry yourself. Just get out there and have fun!