Signs You Might Have A Bad Bite

Article by Remarkable Smiles

You could have severe bite problems without realizing it since we grow accustomed to our bites. Nevertheless, there are specific methods you might employ to ascertain whether you may have received a bad bite. These consist of:

Clenching Teeth Test

The simplest technique to determine if you might have a bite problem is to clench your teeth tightly after brushing your teeth. There is a probability that you have a nasty bite if you feel any discomfort, pain, sensitivity, or strange sensations.

Unaccounted-for tooth sensitivity and headaches Another indication that you may have a poor bite is if you experience recurrent headaches, dental sensitivity that is difficult to explain, or tiredness or pain in your jaw.

Worn Down Teeth

When you gaze into the mirror and open your mouth, strive to highlight your teeth. It may indicate that you are beginning to wear down your teeth due to a poor bite if they appear to be losing enamel and appearing “flat.”

Sound Test

An experiment with sound is another option. Gently tap your teeth together. Your teeth are touching simultaneously if you hear numerous noises. If you just hear one or two sounds, it’s possible that only a few of your teeth are touching, and the rest aren’t correctly aligned.

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