How to Properly Dispose of Contact Lenses

If your vision is not perfect and you need some sort of corrective assistance to help you see clearly, then contact lenses could be a great investment. Your contact lenses could last as short as a day, while other kinds have been designed to be used for as long as a month. Find the right pair that fits your preferences to experience immediate eye improvement. When you are done using the contact lenses, however, you need to be careful with how you dispose of them.

Handle with Clean Hands

Your air optix contacts are fragile and need to be handled with care. To prevent damaging the soft plastic material, be gentle when putting them on, taking them off, and cleaning them. Additionally, you need to use clean hands to prevent scratching your infecting your eye. Even if your hands appear clean and you do not have any noticeable dirt on them, they could very well be covered in small particles you picked up from your kitchen counter, your car seat, or your phone. Lather your hands up with hand soap and thoroughly rinse them with warm water before handling the contacts.

Do Not Flush

Contact lenses from providers such as are made of plastic and other materials that are not good for the environment. These thin films are not recyclable and can be harmful to plants, animals, and water quality, which is why it is best to avoid washing them down the sink or flushing them in the toilet. Simply toss them in the trash bin to dispose of them.