How to Learn and Market Airbrush Tanning

Today’s leading salons, spas, and resorts have to offer the latest beauty treatments on the market, and this includes airbrush tanning. Once considered a luxury for celebrities, airbrush tanning is now being requested by women (and men) across the country. What is the reason for its popularity? Many people want to have that golden glow but are not willing to risk their health to get it. Instead, a growing number of health-conscious people are skipping tanning salons and sunbathing sessions for healthier alternatives such as at-home self-tanners. However, self-tanners can be difficult to use without causing streaks or turning orange. A better way to get a beautiful sun-kissed tan without the effects of UV rays is airbrush tanning.

If you want to keep up with the times and offer competitive services, it’s vital to properly learn and market airbrush tanning lotion. Here’s how:

Invest in a certification course. There are many ways you can learn the art of airbrush tanning, from watching a DVD to reading an instruction manual. However, if you want to get hands-on training and even receive a certificate for your efforts, invest in a certification course. Select a course that offers in-depth training on sunless tanning equipment as well as the art of spray tanning. It’s also important to find a certification course that provides post-training resources, such as the ability to contact your teacher if you have any questions or concerns after the training is over.

If you can’t invest in a certification course, a training DVD is the next best option. You can find the best DVD training materials at your wholesale distributer of sunless spray tanning equipment. Choose one that offers step-by-step instructions on tanning as well as equipment maintenance.

Purchase the proper marketing materials. Once you’ve mastered the art of airbrush tanning, you can begin to market it at your salon. The best way to do this is to purchase a wide variety of marketing materials to promote the new service. In addition to adding it to your brochures and on the website, purchase airbrush tanning posters, banners, and window clings. The posters and brochures should feature the products and brands you carry in your salon or spa. You can also buy literature that provides your customers with more information about airbrush tanning. Handy literature also includes customer maintenance cards, or small cards that provide each customer with instructions on how to prepare for and maintain their sunless tan.


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