How leptin help to control appetite and lose weight

Guest post is provided by Cellan. The connection between the fat tissue hormone and leptin helps to control appetite and Cellan Diet is rich in green tea that promotes leptin in your body.

Leptin that derived from Greek word leptos meaning thin or small, explains the role of white fat, the tissue that controls the energy balance in the body. In addition to the most important white adipose tissue, leptin also produced in the walls of the stomach, hair follicles, in osteoblasts and in the placenta. Leptin plays a key role in regulating energy intake and expenditure which includes appetite and hunger. This fat tissue hormone sends signals to the brain to regulate food intake. This is why proper leptin levels are important in order to prevent obesity and maintain a healthy weight.

Researchers think that EGCG plays a major role in generating and maintaining adequate leptin level in your body. Green tea and green tea extracts are major sources of obtaining EGCG and Cellan Diet Pills contain 100 percent green tea extract. The presence or absence of leptin results in increasing or decreasing appetite which leads to weight gain or loss. Researcher finds that increased thermogenesis that helps to burn fat is based on the level of leptin in your body.

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