How blood sugar affects you

Guest post is written by Cellan Diet. Controlling blood sugar with medication is more common and healthy diet and exercises are needed to benefit from medication. Certain supplements such as Cellan that contain proven blood sugar reducer EGCG can also help.

The American Diabetes Association estimates that more than 79 million Americans are suffering from prediabetes, a condition that could lead to developing diabetes. This condition has many issues associated with it including a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. Elevated blood sugar levels also responsible for increased heartbeat, shaking of your body, dizziness, hunger, blurred vision, sweating, feeling tired, increased anxiety, headaches and bring on irritability. In order to prevent development of full blown diabetes, changing dietary habits and embarking on a regular exercise program are recommended by many healthcare specialists. People with diabetes should maintain blood sugar level between 90 and 130 mg/dl before meal and 180 mg/dl, one to two hours after a meal. Many use medications to maintain and control blood sugar levels. Use of a supplement could also help to maintain the sugar level. EGCG (epigallocatechin 3-gallate) found in green tea appears to aid in maintaining and controlling blood sugar spikes. Cellan Diet Pills contains 100 percent green tea extract.

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