5 Effective Anti-Aging Tips From People on Twitter

Anti-aging does have to be about the big things but also the little ones. It also doesn’t have to be recommendations from experts as well.

That said, here are 5 tips from everyday people on Twitter that can turn out to be most useful:

#1: While applying eyeliner

Never pull your eyelids when applying eye liner. Doing so will result in the sagging of eyelids over time.

#2: Use a silk pillow

The best thing to do is sleep on a silk pillow. The reason for this is it won’t tug on your skin when you are asleep which in turn means less sleep lines.

#3: Keep eye cream with you

Apply eye cream on the area known as the crow’s-feet. Make sure you dab it and not rub not unless you want to disturb your makeup. Best part: it gives that area around your eyes some sheen.

#4: Protect your hands

The state of your hands give away your age. So, for this reason, keep your hand well moisturized. Apart from that, use gloves when doing household chores or even protect them by applying SPF.

#5: Enhance the effectiveness of your lotion

Once you wash your face, don’t apply moisturizer or lotion just yet. First, splash cold water or run an ice cube over your face for some time. The reason for this is that it helps absorb more of the nutrients in your lotion and works twice as effectively. Just a few nights of doing this will help you see serious results.

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