EGCG and leptin to promote brain health

This post is written by Cellan. EGCG found in green tea promotes leptin hormone production that improves brain function and Cellan Diet Pills contains 100 percent green tea extract.

When it comes to maintaining and improving brain functions, two of the most talk about ingredients includes EGCG found in abundance in green tea and a hormone found in the human brain known as leptin. EGCG’s beneficial properties include its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its antioxidant and cognitive development capabilities. The caffeine content of green tea has been credited with stimulating the central nervous system. Most recent findings reveal that EGCG promotes regeneration of neurons in the brain that promotes learning and memory. Leptin on the other hand has been identified since 1994 as an appetite and weight regulating hormone. A group of researchers in Israel recently found that leptin deficient mice after treating with the hormone shown spontaneous improvement in brain functions. Leptin is known to influence the arcuate nucleus (ARC), a key area of the brain that helps to curb appetite.

Epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG) found in green tea is one of the key ingredients of the Cellan Diet and combined with other natural ingredients the supplement promotes leptin hormone generation. Together they are more effective in improving and maintaining your brain functions.

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