Detox vs. cleansing: what is the difference?

Guest post is provided by Coleanse. Detox and cleanse may have subtle differences but for many it may refer to the same. Use natural product such as Coleanse Diet to detox or cleanse.

Many consider detox and cleansing to be synonymous. This is because of some of the methods we use in detox and cleansing is similar. But there are differences between the two. Detox is the physiological or medicinal way to remove toxins from a living organism including the human body. Cleansing is one of many ways that one can remove toxic substances or detox a human body. On the other hand it could take many months to detox, say your liver and kidneys, while cleansing may take much shorter time, could be few days.

When choosing between a detox or cleanse, detox may require giving up some favorite food and beverages, and sticking to a strict diet that can help to detox. A cleanse such as your colon may only require simple solution such as taking a supplement for a limited period of time to do just that. When using a supplement to cleanse, make sure to choose one such as Coleanse that contains natural ingredients including Cape aloe, Rhubarb, flax seeds, olive leaf, garlic, peppermint and other natural ingredients.

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