This is how a Cosmetic Dentist can help you achieve a perfect smile

Article written by Elite Dental Group

People with less than perfect smiles are aware of how self-conscious smiling can make them. If you often hide away from photos or cover your mouth when you smile, it may be time to visit a cosmetic dentist for a consultation. Often cosmetic dentists can offer treatments options that are effective and affordable.

Here are some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures:

Cosmetic dental bonding – Bonding treatments are ideal for fixing chips, cracks, and gaps. This treatment can help to sculpt teeth into the perfect shape while improving their color.

Teeth whitening – Teeth can get discolored due to the consumption of certain foods, unhealthy habits, or genetics. Professional whitening treatments are not only cost-effective, but they are also non-invasive and offer instant results.

Porcelain veneers – Veneers are thin porcelain coverings that are cemented onto the front of teeth. They are custom made and will require at least 2 appointments. Veneers are best for those who want a symmetrical smile without the time commitment required for orthodontic treatments.

Tooth-colored fillings – If you have cavities that have been filled with grey fillings, they can be noticeable when you smile and laugh. Modern fillings made with composite resin can be shaded to match the color of a person’s teeth and are invisible, offering a flawless smile.

Dental implants – Missing teeth can make anyone feel self-conscious while placing a person’s oral health at risk. Fortunately, dental implants offer patients a safe solution that will also help support adjoining teeth.

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