Common Myths About Anti-Aging Treatments

Article written by Health Cyber

Over the years, there have been so many myths that have been circulating when it comes to anti aging treatments.


One of the most popular myths around is that wrinkle creams work immediately.  While we all wish for instant results with wrinkle creams and the advertisers are telling us that we will see instant results, you will not look younger overnight.  In fact, in order to see results you will need to use the cream at least 30 days with full results coming after about 60 days.


You may have heard that Botox is a miracle cure for wrinkles.  There is no such thing as a miracle cure for anything.  Botox is really a rich person’s way of getting rid of wrinkles.  The fact is that Botox injections really do nothing more than relax the wrinkles.  The injections do need to be repeated every few months as well.


No matter what you have heard about aging it is not all about genetics.  While it is true that genetics play a large role in many aspects of our bodies such as height, they play only a small role in what our skin will look like later on in life.  The fact of the matter is that what determines how your skin will look as you age has more to do with exercise, diet and sleep than anything else.


Another common anti aging myth is that you can reverse the signs of aging as well as any damage to your body.  While our bodies are pretty resilient and can withstand quite a bit of abuse, this doesn’t give us the right to drink excessively, smoke two packs of cigarettes a day or eat junk food around the clock.  You can certainly improve your appearance by getting rid of bad habits but unfortunately what is done cannot be undone.

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