Assisted living versus a nursing home

Most people may assume that an assisted living facility and a nursing home are the same. Although both facilities offer housing, meal services, and help with day-to-day activities, nursing homes offer their residents skilled nursing care.

Senior housing Burbank are normally active seniors that may need help with specific tasks. Most of these seniors do not require medical care or supervision but are interested in a maintenance-free lifestyle in a community that offers social activities and peers of a similar age.

Although nursing homes offer activities for their residents the type of activities offered would defer according to the residents’ requirements and their medical conditions. On the other hand, assisted living facilities will cater to a wider audience with options like exercise classes, cooking workshops, and outings to theatres and museums. Assisted living facilities are normally spacious and offer their residents an opportunity to be independent in a safe environment.

In terms of cost, nursing homes are more expensive than assisted living facilities as the former requires skilled medical staff and equipment. Choosing the right facility will greatly depend on the level of care needed. Each assisted living facility will defer in terms of cost and services; therefore, it is best to visit as many facilities as possible before deciding. Some facilities will offer seniors a chance to meet their residents and enjoy the facility for a day to understand if it is appropriate for them.

When searching for an Senior housing Glendale CA, it’s important to get all the info you possibly can. Ask about pricing and whether there’s an extra charge for some services. Once you narrow down your list, then make appointments to visit several of your favourites. Look around, talk to the current residents. With a bit of legwork, you can find just the right assisted living facility Glendale CA.