3 Prebiotics Foods to Consume to Promote Overall Health

Prebiotic foods play an important part in sustaining the function of probiotics. In particular, this is about the bacteria in our gut.

Simply put, they are a type of fiber that passes through the digestive system to be consumed by the probiotics that serve to promote health.

There are a number of types of prebiotics but their function, as described above, remains the same.

Here are 3 prebiotics foods to consume to promote overall health:

1: Bananas

This fruit is known for its prebiotic content. When it is combined with foods that contain probiotics, they tend to be twice as effective. This is considered to be a ‘synbiotic’. In particular, yogurt along with bananas can be a real health-boosting duo. You can also combine it with oatmeal to enjoy a gut-healthy breakfast.

 bestantiaggingtreatments2: Chicory Root

Chicory root fiber is used in a number of products. This is for the purpose of providing texture and cutting down on the amount of sugar too. These are usually foods that are considered low-calorie and low-sugar. Some of the common products include protein or energy bars, breakfast cereals as well as bread products. It is also used as a coffee substitute.

3: Leeks

Containing fructooligosaccharides, this member of the allium vegetable family is easy to include in your diet. You can prepare it in a number of ways whether sauteed, grilled, roasted or braised in simple broth form. The most edible part is from the bottom of the stalk upward where it turns green. It’s also a nice addition to blended soups as well.

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