4 Foods That Can Improve Male Sexual Health

While supplements can improve male sexual health, some foods work just as well. Common issues involve decreased sperm mobility, erectile dysfunction or a drop in libido.

To resolve these and more, here are 4 foods that can improve male sexual health:

1: Walnuts

If there’s one food that would improve men’s sexual health, the walnut would be it. The benefits of eating walnuts include sperm motility, vitality and morphology. Apart from this, it improves endothelial function linked to erectile dysfunction. This is because improved endothelial function opens up blood vessels and sexual function. Finally, walnuts are also rich in antioxidants, magnesium and alpha-linolenic acid.

2: Watermelon

This fruit is full of citrulline and which can ease erectile dysfunction. Usually, high blood pressure causes this condition. Of course, citrulline converts to arginine and boosts the production of nitric oxide. This results in the improvement of blood flow to muscle tissue and male genitalia. Male sexual functions improves as a result.

3: Peaches

Apart from being delicious, peaches are rich in Vitamin C. This is why it is a good choice to improve sperm motility. Best part: peaches keep your cortisol levels low. In other words, your testosterone levels will go up as a result.

4: Oysters

If you’re an athlete or gym buff, there is a tendency to lose zinc. This might result in a drop in levels of testosterone. For this, it’s good to eat foods that are rich in zinc – in particular, oysters. Whole grains, nuts, beans, crabs and lobsters can deal with zinc deficiency too.

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