The unknown benefit of drinking tea

We know from research that drinking tea is good for you. There are numerous health benefits from consuming a handfuls of cups as a regular practice every day. Before you go ahead and Buy Aged Pu-erh tea, there is more good news. A study from Harvard University shows that drinking tea regularly also helps the body’s defenses against another, albeit surprising culprit: infection.

Lab experiments show that drinking tea regularly primes our immune system to respond positively when responding to bacteria, viruses, and even fungi. The experiments showed that the blood from people who drink at least five cups per day responded five times faster to invading bacteria and germs than the norm. There was also a comparison done and there was no change in response from coffee drinkers.

How does it work? T-cells are a very important part of our immune system and drinking tea regularly primes it and it responds five times faster than normal. When looking at fighting infection, that is a huge improvement and can mean the difference between something and a full-on bacterial infection.

This is a true game changer, and it means that all you need to do is drink four to five cups of tea a day, and not only will you get a whole host of benefits to everything from heart health, digestion, focus, etc. You will also get a definitive boost to your body’s ability to respond to infection. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and as more and more research dives into the benefits of tea, things can only get better. Buy your next batch of tea from