Three Ways to Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Steady

If you have a hot or cold seat, followed by the loss of concentration and you feel faint, you could have low or high blood sugar. Skipping meals is one of the main reasons that causes a drop in blood sugar levels. Although consuming a sugary drink or snack will make you feel better for the time being, over time, this can cause your blood sugar levels to peak and fall, causing you to feel less productive and lethargic. Here are a few tips on how to steady your blood sugar levels.

Eat a quality breakfast – Your first meal for the day will help you steady your blood sugar levels for most of the day. If you opt for a sweet breakfast, the chances are that you will get hungry a few hours later. Instead, opt for protein, and slow a carb packed breakfast of eggs, oats, and nuts that will sustain you all the way to lunch.

Plan your meals ahead of time – Planning your meals ahead of time will mean that you have a meal ready for when you are hungry. Pre-prepared meals are also healthier and will give you the right amounts of protein, vegetables, and carbs.

Graze – For those who have swings in their blood sugar, it is best to graze throughout the day. Have some healthy snacks on hand like nuts, seeds, and fruit to help you control your blood sugar crashes.