Simple Exercises Anyone Can Do to Get Strong

Your fitness journey doesn’t have to start with a bench press. In order to build a good foundation and get your body ready for heavier exercises, you should start with simpler exercises that are effective and easy to repeat. Here are a few that can be a staple in your early workouts.


A good squat isn’t as simple as just bending your knees. According to exercise guru Wesley Virgin, “You have to use your hips and thighs to support your body weight instead of your knees. This is why you have to push your butt out and visualize sitting in an invisible chair.” Squats will develop power in your legs and glutes. Once you’re ready to move to the next level, you can add a jumping motion after you reach your lowest point for increased plyometric exercise.


Planks can work your core along with several other muscle groups, making them a good all-purpose exercise. Wesley Virgin explains them this way, “Keep your forearms and toes on the floor as you face down. Keep your body straight as you engage the abdominal muscles for 10 seconds or more.”


Push-ups are a tried-and-true exercise that feels like an obvious choice. Though everyone may think they know how to do a push-up, they must follow the correct form to reap the benefits of this exercise. Wesley Virgin says, “It’s important to avoid common mistakes people make during push-ups. These include not keeping your hands and hips level with your shoulders.”