Removing Stains From Your Teeth

removing-stains-from-your-teethIf you want to remove the ugly stains from your teeth, then schedule an appointment with a Glendora CA dental facility. Dentists have access to teeth whitening products that are designed to remove difficult stains caused by smoking cigarettes or drinking coffee. Before a whitening procedure begins, you need to have an examination to determine if you have any tooth decay or gingivitis. If your gums and teeth are healthy, then a professional whitening procedure is appropriate for your teeth.

Buy a Whitening Kit to Take Home

When you want to whiten your teeth at home instead of in a dental facility, dentists in San Dimas CA can sell you a teeth-whitening kit that you use at home. One of the best things about the teeth-whitening products that you buy from a dentist is that you will have custom-fitted molds made to hold the bleaching gel next to your teeth. With customized molds, the whitening chemicals will seep deeply into the enamel of your teeth to remove stains.

Order Prescription Whitening Toothpaste

Some individuals are more prone to developing stains on their teeth, but if you are one of these individuals, then store-bought toothpaste is not enough to remove the dark discolorations from the enamel on your teeth. At a Covina dental office, you can request a prescription for stronger toothpaste that is formulated with specialized chemicals in order to remove the stains from your teeth so that you will have a white and beautiful smile.

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