4 Afternoon Habits That Will Make You Gain Weight

Getting to lunch on a good diet can be easy. However, as the afternoon rolls in, most people will find it harder to stay on track until dinner. People fall short on their diets mainly because they work at a desk and deal with work stress so by midday your body is tired which contributes to the afternoon munchies. Here are four afternoon habits that are making you gain weight.

Rewarding yourself for good behavior – If you are an early riser who works out in the morning, you may feel that you have earned a treat by midday. However, most often people tend to eat more than they burnt during their morning sweat session. Look at separating your dessert from your workout and consider a treat on the weekend.

You’re staying sedentary – Although you have worked out, you also need to stay active during the day. Moving throughout the day will keep you burning calories and help circulation.

You nosh needless treats – At work, you may be offered unhealthy snacks at your morning meeting or on a colleagues’ birthday. It is best to give up sub par indulgences and enjoy a treat when you can fully appreciate it.

You’re going crazy at happy hour – If your office has a happy hour at your desk or an after work drinks culture, you may find that you end up drinking a lot of your calories in the form of cocktails. Look at enjoying one or two drinks after work and choose the unsweetened variety.