3 Myths About Diet and Losing Weight

Some facts are never really facts. They are just beliefs that are spread by popular groups until they are deemed so.

Of course, taking these ‘facts’ can prove detrimental to your weight loss routine as it will stop you from achieving goals you’ve set for yourself.

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Here are 3 myths about diet and losing weight:

1: Small Behavior Change Equals Weight Loss

If you make small changes when it comes to eating less or moving more, this can add up quickly over a year. For example, if you walk an extra mile a day, this can add up to 50 pounds of weight loss over a year even if it usually amounts to about 10 pounds due to body changes. The idea is to not rely on one small change but a few of them at a time.

bestantiagingtreatments2: Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

It’s vital to set realistic weight loss goals because you might feel frustrated and give up after a point. Yet how much weight you lose has little or nothing to do with how realistic or unrealistic your goals are. Studies have shown that even if a person’s goals were too high, a number of them achieved greater weight loss as a result. Simply put, don’t hesitate in setting realistic weight loss goals. Make sure they’re healthy ones!

3: Eating Fruits and Veggies are Key to Weight Loss

Since fruits and vegetables are high in fiber content, water and low calorie content per gram, it can really help with your weight loss. But eating does not prove that weight loss is guaranteed. A couple of studies have already proven that one does lose weight if they stick with a fruits and vegetables diet. In fact, the only good thing is that you will not gain weight. So it only goes to show that you will also have to expend energy to drop those pounds.

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