Tips for Eating in Sync With Circadian Rhythms

Eating according to your master biological clock is known as eating according to your circadian rhythm. This schedule of eating has shown benefits in terms of regulating blood sugar, hormones, enzymes and cell receptors that are crucial to metabolizing and storing carbohydrates and fat. Here are some tips on how to eat in sync with our circadian rhythms.

Don’t skip breakfast – Start by eating breakfast and ensuring that it contains a minimum of 300-500 calories. Look at eating a cup of oats with milk, nuts, and fruit or a slice of toast with a two egg omelet. Ideally, your morning meal should take you all the way to lunch without the need for a snack in between.

Lunch – Fill your lunch plate with non-starchy vegetables which should take 50% of your plate. The rest of your plate should include protein and a starch like a baked potato, rice or whole wheat bread.

Snack – If you get hungry from lunch to dinner, you should pack a snack that is high in protein, like a protein packed bar or a protein shake.

Go low-carb for dinner – To reduce the effects of a high-calorie meal at night, look at preparing a meal that is low in An easy, healthy option could be a protein and a large salad with olive oil or fish and cooked vegetables. To ensure you don’t get hungry at night look at adding extra oil or nuts to your meal. It is best to consume your meal by 630pm to optimize sleep and to give your digestive tract a rest.