How to get rid of dust in your home?

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Reducing in-home allergens can make a big difference to your health as they can decrease allergy symptoms. Consider the following tips to reduce allergens in your home.

Wash your pillows – Dust mites feed on dead skin cells making pillows one of their favorite hiding spots. Washing your pillows every three months in warm water kills most dust mites. However, to completely clean your pillows, experts suggest changing your pillows every 1-2 years. Brand new pillows will be clear of dust mites for a few months while offering you better head and neck support while you sleep.

Clean your mattress – Your mattress is something you use every day for long periods. Sweat, dust, and hair are embedded in most mattresses, which help the growth of dust mites and sometimes mildew. Vacuuming your mattress weekly as well as professionally cleaning your mattress every year, will reduce allergen build-up. For best results, professionals suggest changing your mattress every 7 years to maintain support and cleanliness.

Vacuum and professionally clean your furnishings – Your couch foam will soak up spills, stains, dander, dust, and sweat. As a result, couches harbor dust mites, mold, and mildew. To keep your cushioning clean always wipe up food spills as they happen. Vacuuming your sofa weekly as well as professionally deep cleaning every year will keep your living spaces free from allergens. As your living room furniture ages, the first thing to deteriorate is your foam and padding. Consider replacing your foam every 5 years to reduce allergens and strengthen support.

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