3 Anti-oxidant Rich Foods That Prevents Aging

The question that a number of people might have is whether what you eat can have anti-aging effects.

Yes, of course it can!

Not only does it have the ability to slow down aging but you will be able to eliminate any risks for common diseases that are otherwise a distinct possibility. Some of these include heart disease, osteoporosis and even diabetes.

So, here are 3 antioxidant rich foods that can prevent aging:

#1: Fish

Researchers were curious to find out why the Intuits of Alaska were free of heart disease. They concluded that this was the large amounts of fish that they consume each day. As we now know, it contains omega-3 fats that prevent the buildup of cholesterol in our arteries while also preventing abnormal heart rates.

#2: Olive Oil

It was almost four decades ago that a study found that the use of olive oil on the island Crete was the reason why there were very low rates of cancer and heart disease. At that time, they discovered that the monounsaturated fats were the reason for this. Now, we know that polyphenols among other antioxidants can prevent age-related diseases.

#3: Yoghurt

Soviet Georgia in the 70s had more people aged in their 100s than anyone else. The secret was eating yoghurt which was used in their diet. While the anti-aging properties of this food was never proved, you can get calcium and ‘good bacteria’ from this food. Age-related intestinal illness can prevented with yoghurt.

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