What You Need to Know About Metformin

Most anti-aging products often promise much while doing little for customers even if their hope turns to disappointment.

However, metformin offers something different since this medicine has been prescribed to diabetics since the 1960s.

You might ask: what does a drug for diabetes have with anti-aging?

While it has shown success when it comes to diabetes, it really is a medicine slows down accelerated aging. As most diabetics would know, cardiovascular damage, cataract as well as impaired wound healing are symptoms of diabetes while also increasing the risk for cancer.

And this is where metformin comes in as research has shown that it protects its users from a variety of age-related disorders and lifespan. In fact, this drug has saved more lives from the deadly effects of cancer than any other drug in history.

Also, calorific restriction has been shown to increase both lifespan and healthspan and metformin heads the list of drugs that help you do.

So, by now, you should know that metformin has been around yet might not be acknowledged or known to most if not all people interested in anti-aging products.

In fact, the plant compounds from which metformin is produced was given its name “glucose eater” and which should clue you in on how you can extend Life.

Simply put, the most you keep your glucose and insulin levels low, the more likely it is that you will extend your Life. Eliminating high glycemic index foods is probably a good idea before you can gain access to metformin, which, will take a while.

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