Preventing tooth Loss

Losing a tooth when you’re young is almost like a fun surprise. It means a visit from the tooth fairy, and some surprise under the pillow. As you age, however, losing a tooth can cost a lot. Tooth loss is common, but very preventable. If you follow these steps and make some adjustments to your life style, your teeth will be healthier and the risk of loss will be substantially reduced.

Preventing Decay

Tooth decay is the gradual break down of the structure of a tooth, which effects both the interior and exterior of it. It occurs when too much acid has worn down a tooth, either through the consumption of sugary foods or drinks.

Preventing tooth decay involves a strong oral health routine. Brush at least twice a day, three times if you can manage, and make sure you spend two minutes at minimum brushing. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of nutritious vegetables, and talk to your dentist about supplementing your oral health with fluoride mouth wash. You can also drink water with fluoride added. The most important factor is to visit the dentist every six months, and get your teeth cleaned.

Preventing Injuries

Injuries are another common contributor to tooth loss. Children who play sports are especially susceptible to injuries of this nature, so they are encouraged to wear mouth gaurds to protect teeth from physical harm. Helmets should be worn when riding bicycles and skateboards, and a face cage is useful for games like hockey.

Teeth that get knocked out can be repaired, which is the good news, but the operation must be performed quickly to ensure the tooth can be restored. Typically, parents should aim to get kids to the dentist within one hour of losing the tooth. Failure to save a tooth doesn’t mean the end of the world. You can always have a dental implant put into the missing space, keeping the integrity of your smile.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a common problem caused by stress, and it’s often unconscious. Some grinding usually isn’t enough to cause harm, but regular grinding can cause teeth to crack or break. Grinding usually occurs at night when people sleep, and may also have to do with an abnormal bite or teeth being crooked in the mouth.

A dentist can fit you with a mouth guard you can wear during the night to help protect your teeth, but you may need to reduce your stress. Take up meditation and look for healthy outlets to get rid of that pent up anxiety.


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