5 Tweaks to Your Daily Routine That Will Make You Productive

Improving your daily productivity can be a great way to boost your confidence, reduce stress and help you get more from your day. Read the five tweaks below to help you become more productive.

Start with exercise – Exercising in the morning before you head off to work can make you feel positive and give you more confidence to complete other tasks. Look at planning your workout, music, and clothing the night before, so that you will have no excuses in the morning.

Drink lemon water – Drinking lemon water as soon as you wake, will improve your energy levels and help your stomach absorb more nutrients during the day. Look at consuming your lemon water 15-30 minutes before eating or drinking anything.

No screen time until breakfast – Diving into an email, texts, and Facebook before you eat breakfast can break your first moments of calm in the morning. Look at starting your day with meditation, exercise or walking outdoors.

Eat a real breakfast – Eating a good quality breakfast that has protein, fiber, fat, and dairy can be a good way to stabilize blood sugar levels during the entire day.

Set goals for your day – Write down a clear set of goals for the next day and look at ticking these goals off the list as and when they get done. It is best to start with a shorter list that can be easily completed and then building on more tasks as the day’s pass.