Tips to stay healthy all year around

If you want to stay healthy all year round, but prefer to concentrate areas that will bring you the most impact, here are seven tips to stay healthy all year around.

Eat breakfast that includes protein – If you want to stay full and keep your blood sugar levels steady, always add protein to your breakfasts. Consider eggs, chicken, chickpeas, salmon as they are all excellent sources of protein.

Before you train – If you want to get the most from your workouts, look at consuming a shot of coffee to give you energy before you train.

Electrolytes during training – If you are running long distances or you sweat a lot during your workouts, consuming an electrolyte solution during your workout will replenish lost salt due to sweating.

Nutrition – If you are looking at increasing your muscle tone, consider consuming a protein shake after you complete your workout. Your protein shake will also help to keep you full, till you eat your next meal.

A green shake a day – Most people will not consume the right amount of greens and vegetables they need in a day. Including a green shake, will help you get the vital nutrients you need to stay healthy while helping your body detox naturally.

Fish oil – Fish oil supplements can help improve the blood flow throughout the body and reduce inflammation caused by preservatives, excess salt, sugar and processed foods.

Eat your carbs at night – When you eat your carbs at night, your body will recover faster after a workout, while reducing your cravings before bed.