Good metabolism helps with energy production and storage

Article written by Cellan Diet.

Body energy comes from food we eat. Human body is an amazing machine that converts food we eat into energy through its metabolic process and absorbs fat, calories, and many other essential nutrients. Our metabolism plays a big role helping with the energy production and storage. Due to various external agents entering into the system, metabolism can be slowed and the absorption of nutrients delayed. It is important to keep the metabolism working properly. This is where EGCG (epigallocatechin 3-gallate) found in green tea plays a big role in keeping the metabolism going as intended. Studies reveal that EGCG enhance the thermogenesis and boost the metabolic process. Tissues absorb energy and store it for future use. You can get enough EGCG by consuming several cups of green tea during any given day or use a supplement such as Cellan Diet Pills that contain 100 percent green tea extract.

Our metabolism not only process food we eat but also stores energy in tissues for future use. EGCG found in green tea helps to improve metabolism and this is why Cellan Diet Pills contains 100 percent green tea extract.

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