3 Non-Intrusive Anti-Aging Solutions You Can Try

Combating anti-aging doesn’t require on to go under the knife or needle. In fact, the solution to your problem might be just under at the local hairdresser, health store or even in dental surgery.

No matter what is said, there are less intrusive ways of turning back the clock. Here are 3 of these anti-aging methods that you can try:

#1: Asta-life Intense Re-Plumping Mask

This treatment works for busy women who don’t have all day for salon appointments. For them, all that has to be done is to apply the wet paper mask for about 15 minutes to ensure the serum is absorbed fully by the skin and which results in pinker, plumpier and younger-looking skin. Apply moisturizer after using this mask.

#2: Obagi Medical Skin Care

If you’re dealing with sallowness or discoloration, this solution is probably the most effective one of all. What you must keep in mind is that it should not be bought over the internet but should be prescribed by a physician.

What must also be said is that you’ll have to be ready to deal with sunburned skin for about six to eight weeks before new skin is revealed.

#3: Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

It’s been noticed that with age, using primer is a good idea since it has benefits such as working as a smooth base for makeup while hiding patches of flakiness as well as uneven color. Apart from this, it has light reflectors that gives older skin a glow and which doesn’t need any sparkle and glitter.

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