3 Bizarre Anti-Aging Treatments That You Should Know About

It’s been a while now since people have been promised more youthful skin by means of the most bizarre treatments that have been made available.

A number of these have been endorsed by celebrities but make you wonder whether it’s worth the embarrassment or money involved.

That said, here are 3 bizarre anti-aging treatments that you should know about:

#1: Semen

This was made popular by Heather Locklear who said that all you do is put semen on your face. However, it is spermine – a component of skin cells and sperm – that offers anti-aging properties, leaving your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. In recent times, a Norwegian company has produced a synthetic version of spermine and says that it offers 25 times the cellular protection of Vitamin E.

#2: Snail Serum

While snail serum was discovered by the Greeks, it wasn’t commercialized until the 1980s when Chilean farmers realized how smooth their hands had become in handling these tiny creatures.

This is for the reason that this secretion is rich in glycolic acid and allatonin, both anti-aging compounds, and which is responsible for the removal of dead skin.

#3: Ceramic Crystal Therapy

Largely considered to be an alternative to Botox, this treatment involves injecting crystal particles used in dental powders or porcelain. Even though these crystals stay in your face, they don’t give you that frozen look that Botox gives you. However, your body can either reject it as a foreign substance or when you lose volume in your face, the presence of crystals will become noticeable.

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