Have you Lost a Loved One Due to Covid19?

The past 18 months where the world has dealt with the pandemic, we’ve seen higher rates of death and depression than ever before. Some of this is due to the fact that people in every country were forced to stay in lockdown for months. The Global Spiritualist Association is now offering assistance to those who may be struggling with depression and to those who’ve lost a loved one.

The Pandemic has everyone anxious. Even after restrictions were lifted, there was still the worry that an individual might become infected if they went about their normal life. So many people were worried about returning to work. They had questions about whether it was safe to go shopping at stores or out to eat. The Global Spiritualist Association has found that this is true even today.

When we lose someone we love, it can affect us for years. During the Pandemic, so many families suffered loss. It might be months or years later, but families can still be affected by this. You may have trouble sleeping or focusing on work. These are symptoms that you may need help.

The Global Spiritualist Association understands and has several services available that can help those who’ve lost a loved one to the Pandemic or some other cause. Their mentors are compassionate and concerned about your mental health.

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